Bloomberg is a globally recognised company that provides financial software, data and media. Their services are used by many businesses across the world.
The company wanted to give young talented people the opportunity to grow their career, and so they were keen to target graduates and students. Bloomberg had a variety of job offers for graduates in different departments. Students had the opportunity to learn new skills, get to know the organisation, work with different people across Bloomberg and train at the same time.
Bloomberg needed to create an engaging student recruitment campaign to attract top graduate talent for their business. Targeting students and graduates is not always an easy task as you need to stand out from the competition.

Services Used

Design, Web Development, Outdoor & Experiencial, Social Media

The Challenge

With the graduate recruitment campaign, Bloomberg wanted to promote who they are, and how a Graduate could place themselves in the company. It was important that the company highlighted the different divisions that graduates could identify themselves with.
Graduates had heard of Bloomberg but weren’t too sure what they did as a business. Were they a financial company? A bank? A news firm? Wave were asked to promote Bloomberg to graduates so they understood who Bloomberg were, and what careers were available with them.
With a restricted budget and a well-known financial company seeking the same talent, Wave had to create a campaign that would attract the attention of Business, Economic and IT students across the UK.
We needed to drive students to the web so they could explore Bloomberg with the aim of registering their details and applying for the Graduate Schemes available.

Our Approach

Using an on-campus installation, social media, marketing materials and digital solutions, we created an interactive and engaging student recruiting campaign that had a great amount of media content and provided a unique insight into the Bloomberg business.
To engage with students, Wave developed an assessment tool that can be used on campus and downloaded as an app. This app showed the students where they can start a career at Bloomberg through a light assessment.
This was rolled out globally to be used for graduate campaigns in APAC and the US.
Additionally, Wave created an interactive video experience to showcase how Bloomberg and its departments work together and for the students to see where and how they would work for the business.


The results showed a big improvement in the quality of applications. In terms of engagement with the Bloomberg website, there was a significant increase in visits, peaking at 33,832 visits with an average of 3.14 minutes on the site. The conversion rate for applications was extremely high and the online conversion rate reached 89%. Our client was very pleased with the overall campaigns performance and all roles were successfully filled.